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June 7th  – “Dark Future? – Can the UK’s dark spaces survive?” – Bob Mizon
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Date Event Description Speaker
04/01/2018 Open Evening – including a New Year quiz
01/02/2018 Triumphs of Voyager – Part 2 – Where no probe has gone before Paul Money
01/03/2018 Dark Future? Can the UK’s dark spaces survive? Bob Mizon
05/04/2018 Jodrell Bank 60 years on Prof Ian Morison
03/05/2018 Lucky Planet – why Earth is exceptional and what it means for life Prof David Waltham
07/06/2018 Diamonds in the sky – White Dwarfs in modern astrophysics Prof Martin Barstow
05/07/2018 Cassini’s final science Dr Phil Sutton
06/09/2018 The adventures of Curiosity on Mars Prof Sanjeev Gupta
04/10/2018 Juno – the answers Prof Emma Bunce
01/11/2018 Annual General Meeting
06/12/2018 Transient events in astronomy – or things that go bump in the night Prof Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell


Date Event Description Speaker
05/01/2017 Open Evening – including a New Year quiz
02/02/2017 Passage Graves – 6,000 year old telescopes without lenses Dr Dan Brown
02/03/2017 Finding Exoplanets with small telescopes Dr Peter Wheatley
06/04/2017 The Art of Astrophotography Prof Ian Morrison
04/05/2017 JUNO – Exploring the Mysteries of Jupiter Prof Emma Bunce
01/06/2017 Charles Messier Dr Allan Chapman
06/07/2017 Gravitational Waves – A new tool for the study of the Universe Dr Ed Daw
07/09/2017 Galaxy Evolution with the Hubble Space Telescope Prof Clive Tadhunter
05/10/2017 Space Stations: From Salyut to the International Space Station  Dr Mike Leggett
02/11/2017 Annual General Meeting
07/12/2017 Triumphs of Voyager Part 1 – Journey to Jupiter and the Splendours of Saturn Paul Money


Date Event Description Speaker
07/01/2016 Open Evening – including a New Year quiz
04/02/2016 The Formation of the Solar System  Dr Richard Alexandra
03/03/2016 ROSETTA – Anatomy of a Comet Dr Colin Snodgrass
07/04/2016 Is there anyone out there? – The search for extra terrestrial intelligence in the new Millennium  Prof Ian Morrison
05/05/2016 Gamma Ray Bursts Prof Nial Tanvir
02/06/2016 GAIA – A billion pixel survey of a billion stars Dr Elme Breedt
07/07/2016 The Antikythera Mechanism – An ancient astronomical computer Prof Mike Edmunds
01/09/2016 Images of the Universe -2 Paul Money
06/10/2016 Open Evening – including a telescope surgery
03/11/2016 Annual General Meeing
01/12/2016 Galactic Monsters – Seyfert Galaxies, Radio Galaxies and Quasars Dr Marek Kukula


Date Event Description Speaker
03/12/2015 “New Horizons: Pluto and the Kuiper Belt Objects” Dr Chris Arridge
05/11/2015 2015 Annual General Meeting
01/10/2015 How our Galaxy came to be
NOTE: This meeting is open to MEMBERS ONLY
Dr Chris Lintott
03/09/2015 Telescope Workshop
02/07/2015 Cold Dark Matter – is it Cold? – is it Dark? – and is it Matter? Julian Onions
04/06/2015 The Microwave Universe Dr Clive Dickinson
07/05/2015 Proving Einstein Right Prof Ian Morison
02/04/2015 Images of the Universe Paul Money
05/03/2015  Curosity and Co – The latest from Mars Dr John Bridges
05/02/2015 Open Evening. Talks by members, plus a telescope surgery. John Hurst
08/01/2015 It’s time for Astronomy! Dr Roy Gretton


04/12/2014 Into the Cosmic Ocean – the Dream of Travel to the Stars Andrew Lound
06/11/2014 2014 Annual General Meeting
02/10/2014 At the Edge – studying the Sun from the outer limits of the Solar System Dr Lucie Green
04/09/2014 Members’ Evening – Visitors Welcome – Update on Observatory Project, followed by Astronomy Quiz for all
03/08/2014 Summer Break – No Meeting
03/07/2014 Phoenix from the Ashes – the Origin of the Chemical Elements Prof Mike Edmunds
05/06/2014 Practical Radio Astronomy for Amateurs Paul Hyde
01/05/2014 White Dwarf Stars Dr Sarah Casewell
03/04/2014 Basic Astrophotography Paul Money
06/03/2014 Stardust, Meteorites and the Early Solar System

Prof Jamie Gilmour

06/02/2014 Members’ Evening – Telescopes and Astrophotography – A Practical Evening  John Hurst
02/01/2014 Rambling through the Winter Skies Paul Money


Date Event Description Speaker
05/12/2013 Galaxies – A Brief History Julian Onions
07/11/2013 2013 Annual General Meeting
03/10/2013 Astrophotography – and How It’s Done Nik Szymanek
05/09/2013 Members’ Evening (visitors welcome) the Observatory Project report. One of our members
01/08/2013 Summer Break – No Meeting
04/07/2013 Matter Between the Stars – the Physics and Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium Dr Paul Ruffle
06/06/2013 Exploring Jupiter’s Icy Moons – the next ESA Mission to Jupiter Dr Emma Bunce
02/05/2013 Life, the Universe and Everything Dr Frazer Pearce
04/04/2013 20th Century Telescopes and Technology Dr Ken Elliott
07/03/2013 The latest from the new Mars Rover Curiosity Dr John Bridges
07/02/2013 Members’ Evening (with an Astro Quiz Night) John Hurst
03/01/2013 Naked Eye and Binocular Astronomy Paul Money

2012 and 2011…

Date Event Description Speaker
06/12/2012 Climate Change and the Sun-Earth Connection Dr Jim Wild
01/11/2012 2012 Annual General Meeting
04/10/2012 The Centre of our Galaxy – Black Holes, Rare Stars and Cosmic Mayhem Prof. Michael Merrifield
06/09/2012 All about Telescopes – a Practical Evening Members’ Evening
August 2012 Summer Break – no meeting
05/07/2012 Exodus – The Death of Stars Paul Money
07/06/2012 Magnetism in Astronomy David Conner
03/05/2012 Near Earth Objects: What are they and why do we care? Josh Barker
05/04/2012 A Starry Night to Remember – Astronomy and the Titanic Andrew Lound
01/03/2012 Parallel Universes Dr Antonio Padilla
02/02/2012 Members’ Evening (Visitors welcome) Open Forum and an Astro Quiz
05/01/2012 Nocturnal Landscapes and Skyscapes (The Quest for Dark Skies) Dr Daniel Brown
01/12/2011 Fire from the Sky – the Tunguska Incident Andrew Lound
03/11/2011 2011 Annual General Meeting

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