Monthly Speaker Schedule Archive


Date Event Description Speaker
12/01/2023 A guide to the nearest stars Prof Colin Steele

Manchester University

02/02/2023 New JWST science Dr Henrik Melin

Leicester University (STFC James Webb Fellow)

02/03/2023 Adventures in the Goldilocks Zone: the search for other Earths Professor Frazer Pearce

University of Nottingham

30/03/2023* How Stars affect planets, from Mars to Exoplanets, and into the Future

*April meeting held a week earlier due to school holidays*

Dr Simon Joyce
University of Leicester
04/05/2023 Cosmic Rays James Miller
08/06/2023 Confessions of an X-ray pyromaniac Dr Phil Evans
University of Leicester
06/07/2023 Space Debris and astronomy Prof Don Pollacco
University of Warwick
05/08/2023 NAS BBQ Annual Barbecue at the Observatory
(Members and their guests only)
NAS Observatory
07/09/2023 Dr Adrian Martindale
BepiColombo: X-ray eyes on Mercury

University of Leicester

05/10/2023 Dr. Richard J. Goodrich
Fear and Loathing in the Heavens: The 1910 Return of Halley’s Comet

02/11/2023 Dr Emma Chapman
Stars and Sensationalism: Searching for the First Stars in the James Webb Space Telescope Era

University of Nottingham

07/12/2023 Peter Jenkins
Astrophotography Past and Present



Date Event Description Speaker
06/01/2022 Annual General Meeting
***Please note this meeting

 will be held on zoom ***

03/02/2022 Astronomy…. without light? The new
field of multi-messenger astronomy
*** Meeting on YouTube ***

Dr Phil Evans
University of Leicester


*2nd Thursday*

Exoplanets *Meeting to be held at Emmanuel School**

Prof Don Pollacco
University of Warwick

07/04/2022 Our Island Universe: the Milky Way,
its place in time and space
**Meeting to be held at Emmanuel School**

Prof Ian Morison
Emeritus Gresham Professor of Astronomy

05/05/2022 Supernovae Dr Matt Nicholl
University of Birmingham

2nd Thursday

Imaging from light polluted sites Peter Jenkins
07/07/2022 Mars Dr Richard McKim

Saturday 5pm

Annual Barbecue at the Observatory
(Members and their guests only)

NAS Observatory
01/09/2022 “The End of Everything”

How the universe is going to end

Dr Steve Barratt
06/10/2022 The Cosmic Web Prof Alfonso Aragón-Salamanca

University of Nottingham

03/11/2022 Galaxies to Atoms Dr Susan Cartwright

Sheffield University

01/12/2022 Crazy Interstellar Rockets Julian Onions


Date Event Description Speaker
07/01/2021 Annual General Meeting
for 2019-2020                                 
04/02/2021 The World According to Physics

Prof Jim Al-Khalili

University of Surrey

04/03/2021 Exploring Mars
Planning the next missions
Dr Steve Banham
Imperial College, London
01/04/2021 Astronomical Adventures in Tenerife Dave Eagle
06/05/2021 Extremophiles
Why there must be life elsewhere in
the Universe
Dr Martin Braddock

Sherwood Observatory at Mansfield and Sutton Astronomical Society

03/06/2021 Harbingers of Doom?
Professor Ian Morison

University of Manchester

Emeritus Gresham Professor of Astronomy

01/07/2021 The JUICE Mission
Exploring Jupiter’s icy moons
Dr Chris Arridge

University of Lancaster



Annual Barbecue at the Observatory
(Members and their guests only)
NAS Observatory
02/09/2021 The Vikings at Barsoom

Part 2: The Search for Life

Paul Money

This meeting will now be held on zoom – members will be sent login details

07/10/2021 Fiat Lux 3
The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
Dr Steve Barrett

University of Liverpool

This meeting will be held at Gotham Memorial Hall at 8pm

Weighing Galaxies
(by bending light)
Dr Simon Dye

University of Nottingham

*** Please note this meeting will be held at the Nottingham Emmanuel school

Gresham Park Road West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, NG2 7YF Meeting will start at the usual time of 8pm, with refreshments served from 7:30pm onwards  ***** 

02/12/2021 Herschel to Hawkwind

Astronomy and Music

Pete Williamson


Date Event Description Speaker
02/01/2020 New Year Quiz

with Buffet, Wine & soft drinks

06/02/2020 APOLLO 13 – Ingenuity & Survival

13 factors that saved 3 brave astronauts

Dr Nigel Bannister

Senior Lecturer, University of Leicester

05/03/2020 Meeting Cancelled

There will be no Gotham meeting in March

02/04/2020 Galaxies: One Gigayear at a time

Dr Jeremy Shears
British Astronomical Association
Variable Star Section Director
Online Meeting
04/06/2020 Wonders of the Southern Skies

Dr Richard McKim

British Astronomical Association
Mars Star Section Director
06/08/2020 Online Meeting

The centenary of the Great Debate

How Harlow Shapley and Heber Curtis argued the size of the Universe

Dr Steve Barrett

Senior Research Fellow, University of Liverpool

2020 NAS Prestigious Lecture
High Resolution Astrophotography
Damian Peach
Damian Peach
03/12/2020 The Vikings at Barsoom Pt1: Orbital Operations

(On zoom only)

Paul Money


Date Event Description Speaker
03/01/2019 Open Evening – including a New Year quiz  
Diamonds in the Sky
White Dwarfs in Modern Astrophysics
Prof Martin Barstow
University of Leicester
Beyond Pluto
New Horizons in the Kuiper Belt
Paul Money
04/04/2019 Gaia’s Galactic Survey
Dr Nicholas Walton
University of Cambridge
It’s About Time
Time’s Arrow and Time Travel
Prof Ian Morison
University of Manchester
From Tycho to Newton
Foundations of modern astronomy
Dr Allan Chapman
Metal Detecting
What are metals to astronomers?
Dr Julian Onions
University of Nottingham
Where Are the Aliens?
Might we be alone?
Prof Brad Gibson
University of Hull
The 200 at 70
The Hale Telescope
Dr Steve Barrett
University of Liverpool
Annual General Meeting
with a Wine and Cheese Social
2019 NAS Prestigious Lecture
Voyages to the Sun
Probing our nearest star
Prof Lucie Green
University College London


Date Event Description Speaker
04/01/2018 Open Evening – including a New Year quiz  
01/02/2018 Triumphs of Voyager – Part 2 – Where no probe has gone before Paul Money
01/03/2018 Dark Future? Can the UK’s dark spaces survive? Bob Mizon
05/04/2018 Jodrell Bank 60 years on Prof Ian Morison
03/05/2018 Lucky Planet – why Earth is exceptional and what it means for life Prof David Waltham
07/06/2018 Diamonds in the sky – White Dwarfs in modern astrophysics Prof Martin Barstow
05/07/2018 Cassini’s final science Dr Phil Sutton
06/09/2018 The adventures of Curiosity on Mars Prof Sanjeev Gupta
04/10/2018 Juno – the answers Prof Emma Bunce
01/11/2018 Annual General Meeting  
06/12/2018 2018 NAS Prestigious Lecture

Transient events in astronomy – or things that go bump in the night

Prof Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell


Date Event Description Speaker
05/01/2017 Open Evening – including a New Year quiz  
02/02/2017 Passage Graves – 6,000 year old telescopes without lenses Dr Dan Brown
02/03/2017 Finding Exoplanets with small telescopes Dr Peter Wheatley
06/04/2017 The Art of Astrophotography Prof Ian Morrison
04/05/2017 2017 NAS Prestigious Lecture

JUNO – Exploring the Mysteries of Jupiter

Prof Emma Bunce
01/06/2017 Charles Messier Dr Allan Chapman
06/07/2017 Gravitational Waves – A new tool for the study of the Universe Dr Ed Daw
07/09/2017 Galaxy Evolution with the Hubble Space Telescope Prof Clive Tadhunter
05/10/2017 Space Stations: From Salyut to the International Space Station  Dr Mike Leggett
02/11/2017 Annual General Meeting  
07/12/2017 Triumphs of Voyager Part 1 – Journey to Jupiter and the Splendours of Saturn Paul Money


Date Event Description Speaker
07/01/2016 Open Evening – including a New Year quiz  
04/02/2016 The Formation of the Solar System  Dr Richard Alexandra
03/03/2016 ROSETTA – Anatomy of a Comet Dr Colin Snodgrass
07/04/2016 Is there anyone out there? – The search for extra terrestrial intelligence in the new Millennium  Prof Ian Morrison
05/05/2016 Gamma Ray Bursts Prof Nial Tanvir
02/06/2016 GAIA – A billion pixel survey of a billion stars Dr Elme Breedt
07/07/2016 2016 NAS Prestigious Lecture

The Antikythera Mechanism – An ancient astronomical computer

Prof Mike Edmunds
01/09/2016 Images of the Universe -2 Paul Money
06/10/2016 Open Evening – including a telescope surgery  
03/11/2016 Annual General Meeing  
01/12/2016 Galactic Monsters – Seyfert Galaxies, Radio Galaxies and Quasars Dr Marek Kukula


Date Event Description Speaker
03/12/2015 “New Horizons: Pluto and the Kuiper Belt Objects” Dr Chris Arridge
05/11/2015 2015 Annual General Meeting  
01/10/2015 2015 NAS Prestigious Lecture

How our Galaxy came to be

Dr Chris Lintott
03/09/2015 Telescope Workshop  
02/07/2015 Cold Dark Matter – is it Cold? – is it Dark? – and is it Matter? Julian Onions
04/06/2015 The Microwave Universe Dr Clive Dickinson
07/05/2015 Proving Einstein Right Prof Ian Morison
02/04/2015 Images of the Universe Paul Money
05/03/2015  Curosity and Co – The latest from Mars Dr John Bridges
05/02/2015 Open Evening. Talks by members, plus a telescope surgery. John Hurst
08/01/2015 It’s time for Astronomy! Dr Roy Gretton


04/12/2014 Into the Cosmic Ocean – the Dream of Travel to the Stars Andrew Lound
06/11/2014 2014 Annual General Meeting  
02/10/2014 2014 NAS Prestigious Lecture

At the Edge – studying the Sun from the outer limits of the Solar System

Dr Lucie Green
04/09/2014 Members’ Evening – Visitors Welcome – Update on Observatory Project, followed by Astronomy Quiz for all  
03/08/2014 Summer Break – No Meeting  
03/07/2014 Phoenix from the Ashes – the Origin of the Chemical Elements Prof Mike Edmunds
05/06/2014 Practical Radio Astronomy for Amateurs Paul Hyde
01/05/2014 White Dwarf Stars Dr Sarah Casewell
03/04/2014 Basic Astrophotography Paul Money
06/03/2014 Stardust, Meteorites and the Early Solar System

Prof Jamie Gilmour

06/02/2014 Members’ Evening – Telescopes and Astrophotography – A Practical Evening  John Hurst
02/01/2014 Rambling through the Winter Skies Paul Money


Date Event Description Speaker
05/12/2013 Galaxies – A Brief History Julian Onions
07/11/2013 2013 Annual General Meeting  
03/10/2013 2013 NAS Prestigious Lecture

Astrophotography – and How It’s Done

Nik Szymanek
05/09/2013 Members’ Evening (visitors welcome) the Observatory Project report. One of our members
01/08/2013 Summer Break – No Meeting  
04/07/2013 Matter Between the Stars – the Physics and Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium Dr Paul Ruffle
06/06/2013 Exploring Jupiter’s Icy Moons – the next ESA Mission to Jupiter Dr Emma Bunce
02/05/2013 Life, the Universe and Everything Dr Frazer Pearce
04/04/2013 20th Century Telescopes and Technology Dr Ken Elliott
07/03/2013 The latest from the new Mars Rover Curiosity Dr John Bridges
07/02/2013 Members’ Evening (with an Astro Quiz Night) John Hurst
03/01/2013 Naked Eye and Binocular Astronomy Paul Money

2012 and 2011…

Date Event Description Speaker
06/12/2012 Climate Change and the Sun-Earth Connection Dr Jim Wild
01/11/2012 2012 Annual General Meeting  
04/10/2012 The Centre of our Galaxy – Black Holes, Rare Stars and Cosmic Mayhem Prof. Michael Merrifield
06/09/2012 All about Telescopes – a Practical Evening Members’ Evening
August 2012 Summer Break – no meeting  
05/07/2012 Exodus – The Death of Stars Paul Money
07/06/2012 Magnetism in Astronomy David Conner
03/05/2012 Near Earth Objects: What are they and why do we care? Josh Barker
05/04/2012 A Starry Night to Remember – Astronomy and the Titanic Andrew Lound
01/03/2012 Parallel Universes Dr Antonio Padilla
02/02/2012 Members’ Evening (Visitors welcome) Open Forum and an Astro Quiz
05/01/2012 Nocturnal Landscapes and Skyscapes (The Quest for Dark Skies) Dr Daniel Brown
01/12/2011 Fire from the Sky – the Tunguska Incident Andrew Lound
03/11/2011 2011 Annual General Meeting