Plumtree Meeting Schedule

Event Description
20th January The Amateur Astronomer’s Sky

17th February TBC
Event Description
21st January Test your celestial hemispheres

18th February NAS Landing Live: NASA Mars Perseverance Rover

18th March NAS Great Observatories of the World

15th April Aberrations, optical errors and
the use of electronic calibration in observational astronomy and astrophotography

20th May Review of the eVscope by Unistellar

17th June Noctilucent Clouds

15th July Nottingham Astronomical Society Observatory Live

19th August Informal meet up. What to see in the night sky during August and September
16th September Messier Marathon in a Minute

21st October Group presentations on the following Topics: Distances and magnitudes, The human eye and detection of light, Early optics in Astronomy, The Zodiac
18th November Solargraphy