Colwick Woods

Nottingham Astronomical Society
Friends of Colwick Woods

Stargazing Live

…taking place on Saturday, January 8th, 5pm – 9pm, at

The Old Bowling Green,
Colwick Woods Nature Reserve,
Greenwood Road, Bakersfield,

An evening of stargazing with the telescopes of the Nottingham Astronomical Society.

See close up views of the crescent moon in the early evening. The giant planet Jupiter with its retinue of moons will be visible all evening, with a nearby alignment of the planet Uranus.

Amateur astronomers will be on hand to guide you around the sky and point out the Constellations and principle stars. Mighty Orion will be high in the south and we will be viewing the famous Orion Nebula – a great stellar nursery.

Refreshments – tea, coffee, hot soups, etc – will be available in the Pavillion, with displays and telescopes and friendly astronomers to answer your questions.

Admission is free to the public (under 16’s must be accompanied by adult.)

This event is run in conjunction with the BBC2 Stargazing LIVE series, designed to inspire audiences to take a journey of stargazing discovery by letting them know about all of the great astronomy organizations in their area.

For further information see BBC Stargazing Live web page.