dish2Nottingham Astronomical Society has several individuals with a keen interest in radio astronomy, the technical challenges of performing it and the interesting learning that can be gained from it.  We are also developing good links with the Radio Astronomy Group of the British Astromonical Association (BAA RAG), local Societies and Universities, who all practice radio observation of the sky.

If you have an interest or experience in Radio Astronomy we would be very happy to talk to you, please contact our Secretary.

Current NAS Projects

  • Meteor Watch: developing an amateur system for meteor detection, which will allow the public to “hear” the passing meteors during a meteor shower.  The system is under development and is tested during meteor showers across the year.
  • Small Radio Telescope (SRT): An introduction to and familiarisation with the construction and operation of Loughborough University’s SRT

BAA Radio Astronomy Project List

This site summarises a range of possible radio-astronomy projects for the amateur, from antenna-construction to radio observations of Jupiter, meteors, the Sun and beyond.

Coming Events