Observatory Opening

The Nottingham Astronomical Society’s Observatory is open to NAS members for observing with the large telescope on various dates throughout the year.

Our Director of Observing sends e-mail alerts to NAS members who wish to be notified of dates when the observatory is open. If you are already a NAS member, and you wish to join the list for observatory alerts, please e-mail .

On days when the observatory is open, our ‘Observatory Line’ is available: 07726 940700.

Please call this number after 3.00pm on the day to check if weather conditions are suitable for observing from the site.


  • Close the gates behind you when entering the site;
  • Stay only in the vicinity of the observatory, do not walk around anywhere else on the site;
  • If the ground is wet, avoid driving across the grass to the observatory. Cars can get bogged down! Please park at the end of the tarmac road.