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Tuesday 12 November 2013

BBC Astrophotography MasterclassA fantastic event in beautiful Bristol and well worth the drive from Loughborough!  The city looked most picturesque, as did the Bristol Science Centre venue on the waterfront; on one of our clearest nights of the year to date. Speakers Pete Lawrence, Damian Peach and Steve Richards covered aspects of Lunar, Planetary and Nebula Astrophotography respectively, in an accessible yet very, technically, informative way.  After we had filled many pages with notes covering hints, tips and work flows, that will no doubt accelerate our imaging capabilities, the gents took questions on a range of equipment and technical specifics, followed by a few photographs and some one on one questions.

The imaging results that the guys showed were simply phenomenal, including stunning images of the Tulip nebula and my particular favorite, a video of Jupiter rotating with the transit of Io, easily comparable to those sent back during satellite encounters with the planet, simply inspirational!

So, please take a look at the following links, and please accept my recommendation to grab a chance to attend any similar future events with these speakers!

BBC Sky at Night:
Pete Lawrence:
Damian Peach:
Steve Richards: