Nottingham and the wider region has a large number of very keen astro-imagers and astrophotographers who are developing and sharing their skills.  You will see on our Gallery and Picture of the Month pages numerous images of the:

Some of these images are not simply photographs, but investigations studying effects over time on say Sun Spots or weather on Jupiter, while others consider the pro’s and cons of using certain equipment to capture such events.

In order to foster the growth of these skills and encourage those new to the interest, Nottingham Astronomical Society has created an astro-imaging group.  Its focus is to bring astro-imagers together to assist each other, while also drawing in some of the best speakers on the subject to provide lectures on the state of the art and how to achieve it.

Technical Help

If you have an interest in Astro-imaging, Astrophotography, tools, tips, techniques, equipment, software or would like to see how it is done, please contact our Secretary.

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