There is now nowhere in England where it’s possible to view the night skies as our distant ancestors saw them and light pollution has been spreading. Robbing future generations of the glories of the night sky is almost the least of the consequences.  Bob presents compelling arguments showing how all too often, today’s lighting systems have widespread damaging effects —
Light trespass: thousands of homes are blighted by glare from poorly designed lighting, often now in sports installations
Glare & Safety:  Excessive light creates dangerous situations for pedestrians and motorists
Clutter & Confusion:  Security lighting often has the opposite effect.  Glare blinds watchers and hides wrongdoers.  Burglars are not deterred by the fear of being seen.
Energy waste:  Millions are spent in pointlessly illuminating the sky
Wildlife:  the lives of thousands of nocturnal species are being disrupted.  Glow-worms and bats and birds are all being severely impacted to the point of failing to breed.
CO2 pollution:  A 100W bulb left burning needlessly for a year will create a quarter-tonne of CO2!!
Much of today’s waste and damage is needless.  Excessive power is unnecessary and much better alternatives are available to poorly designed lights (notably globe lights).  Simple re-direction of light downwards, or re-positioning of light fittings can make a big difference.


Bob Mizon is Coordinator of the BAA campaign for Dark Skies (CfDS) and Vice-chair of the Wessex Astro Society in Dorset.  Bob runs a travelling planetarium ‘for fun’ and reckons he has entertained 62,000 school kids since 1996!  He lives in Child Oakford Dorset, which he shares with Sooty & Sweep.
CfDS was founded in 1989 and Bob has been coordinator for the last 11 years.  He clearly brings total focus and great energy to the role, and, although it’s a labour of Hercules, it looks like he is beginning to have some success.
Nobody in the campaign advocates a return to the ‘dark ages’.  Bob argues eloquently that the campaign aim is “the right amount of light only where needed”.

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